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Bonjour Little Chefs !


I do eat anything. But what I like the most on a daily basis are veggies. And since my boyfriend is a vegan, I need to get creative and conscious of both of our lifestyles !

Here is one yummy, quick and simple recipe that fits in a bowl for a sexy movie night with Cheri or an exciting Scandal Thursday with The Girls !


Vegan Coco Curry

Ingredients – for 2

White Basmatti Rice – 2 small cups / Squash – 1 / Zucchini – 1 /Red Pepper – 1 / Fresh Garlic – 2-3 cloves / Red Onions – 2 / Fresh Cilantro – to your taste / Basil / Rosemary / Curry Powder or Paste / Coconut Flakes – 2 big spoons / Coconut Milk – 1 can / Fresh Ginger –  a small piece / Black Pepper / Salt / Crushed Red Pepper


1/ Cook the rice. I like mine sticky made with a rice-cooker : 2 cups of rice 3 of water. Done.

2/ Grate de Ginger Root and save

3/ Cut the veggies the way you like it (I’d love mine heart-shaped but it’s too much work 😉  )

4/ High heat. Sauteed them in some Olive Oil. Add seasoning (All but Fresh Cilantro). Cook until golden.

5/ Add the Coconut Milk and the Grated Ginger and let it sit on low heat for about 10mns.

6/ Serve the rice in some cute bowls and put the Vegan Coco Curry on top. Add the Fresh Cilantro.



faveiconFor more flavors, replace 1 cup of water by a cup of coconut water when cooking rice

faveiconUsing a WOK works even smoother for this recipe

faveiconAlways re-adjust the seasoning once you added the Coconut Milk.

faveiconI like to add a squizz of Lime in my Currys

faveiconWhen cutting the Garlic cloves, take the central, greenish part of it off. That’s where the unpleasant after taste is coming from

faveicon Add some Sunflower Seeds on top for some extra texture





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