Clem Cooks: The Perfect Healthy Brunch Menu


Bonjour Gourmands,


There’s two ways I like to have #Brunch… The Out-Of-Control-It’s-the-WeekEnd way or the Stay-home-save-Money-and-Calories way … I already know next week-end is gonna be full of bacon, french toasts and sexy eggs dishes, so I decided to make last week-end a perfectly healthy Stay-at-Home Brunch.



When it comes to my morning routine, French Press is 100% part of it whether we are talking week-days or week-ends… Mine is a mini (1 pers) copper version from BODUM. I use almond milk and raw organic honey instead of sugar. Great start to any morning.

Crepes anyone ?!?



1 cup of brown rice flour

1 cup of coconut flour

1 1/2 cup of almond milk

2 eggs

Mix it all. Add a little slice of margarine (come on we all know butter is much tastier…but we said healthy)  between each crepe. You are good to go !

Start Crepin’

Casseroles are forever ...


2 zucchinis (green and yellow)

Some pulled spicy chicken from last night’s tacos (ditch the tortilla please!!) – any meat would do. The spicier the better –


4 eggs

coconut cream

Salt, Pepper, Red Hot Chili Flakes

Drizzle the dish with olive oil. Slice the zucchinis and cover the dish with the sliced zucchinis. Mix everything else together in a bowl. Pour on top of the zucchinis. 20 mns in the oven.

When Cheri brings some fresh herbs home you make a Tabouleh !


2 cups of red quinoa

a handful of cherry tomatoes

a handful of mixed nuts

5 finely sliced apricots

6 raw shrimps, sautéed in olive oil

4 pieces of scallions

1 handful of fresh cilantro/mint/ parsley

Dressing: 1 spoon of raw honey + 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar + 3 spoons of olive oil + salt and pepper.

Avocados on the side, always ...


Bon Appetit

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