Clem Cooks: Summer Salads


Summer is right around the corner and it sounds like fresh, juicy, crunchy, yummy Summer salads are back on the menu!


My favorite this summer is the watermelon mix. Here is the secret to the perfect Summer treat: fresh ingredients and a perfectly chilled watermelon. This salad is a perfect chameleon. Have fun, change the cheese, the nuts, the dressing even, have fun.Watermelon is the perfect summer base for any salad !

I have tried it with Gorgonzola, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach as a base, ginger/lime vinaigrette …

The most important in this Salad Inspiration is the mix of textures. The chill of a watermelon, the crunch of a nut, the creaminess of an avocado  and the strength of the cheese, all in one bite … Dreamy !



Feta cheese

Red onions


Raw Almonds


Olive oil

Balsamic reduction

Salt and Pepper

Herbes de Provence

Red chili flakes


Share your own version of the Summer Salad with friends and family this week. Keep everyone Happy & Healthy in under 30 mns !



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