Clem Cooks : Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms


Bonjour Les Petits,

I LOVE mushrooms. Today I had fun with the easiest to stuff, the Portobellos. Those were on the smaller side but any mushroom would do …





Ingredients for 6 Portobellos :

Tuscan Kale – 6 cups / Sweet Turkey Stuffing (recipe HERE) / Miso paste – 2 spoons / Sesame Oil – 1 spoon / Raisins – 1 spoon / Olive oil – 2 spoons / Salt / Black pepper / Dry basil, sage, italian spices / Tuneric – 1 spoon / Freshly grated parmesan – 2 spoons /

Prep time : 30mns – Cooking Time : 20 mns


1/ Spread the washed and cut Tuscan Kale in a oiled pan (olive oil). Spread 2 spoons of raisins on top as well as tumeric, salt and black pepper. Drizzle with olive oil.

2/ Wash and Cut the feet of the Portobellos to make space for the stuffing. In a bowl, mix the Miso paste, the sesame oil and the mushrooms so they end up covered with miso mix.

3/ Place them on top of the Kale, bottoms up. Use the stuffing, previously prepared, to stuff the Portobellos. Whatever fits inside goes inside.

4/ Put in the oven at 380* for about 20 mns. Take them off. Grate some parmesan on top of each individual shroom and put back in for 5mn. Done.


Serve the Portobellos and Tuscan Kale on top of some simple but tasty Bacon Fat Pastas, here’s the recipe for those.


1/ Boil some water with a pinch of salt. Throw pastas in (2 cups for 6ppl)

2/ In that case, my roomate had cooked bacon in the morning. I asked her to leave the fat for me. Cut a shallot and throw in the slightly boiling fat.

3/ When al dente, throw the pastas and never stop tossing and mixing so it doesn’t stick ! Add black pepper to your taste as well as some shaved parmesan. Done.



miniclemMassage the Tuscan Kale for about 2mns in cold water to soften it up before eating

miniclemWhen cooking bacon, pour the boiling fat in a jar and keep it cold for later on. It’s delish and you can keep it very long because it’s very fat 😉 – NOT to be used everyday … –

miniclemYou can replace the shallots for red onions. Also, add a chopped garlic clove in the pan, yummy !






Xoxo, Clem




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