Clem Cooks : Lunch with Lucie


Here is what happens when health coach Lucie Lagarrigue and I meet for lunch …


lulus salad

Ingredients – For 2

Avocado -1 / Shallot – 1/2 / Grapes – to your taste / Baby Spinach – 1 pack / Fresh Garlic – 2 cloves / Baby Portobellos – 5 pieces / Pinenuts – a handfull / Turkey Bacon – 4 strips / Fresh Goat Cheese – to taste / Eggs – 2 / Herbes de Provence / Salt and Pepper / Olive Oil /

lulu salad steps

1/Boil the eggs. The cooking time is the time you need to do all those other steps. Easy.

2/ Cut the Garlic and the Shallots in tiny pieces. Throw in a large salad bowl.

3/ Cut the Mushrooms and the Avocado in slices. Reserve on the side. Those will go last.

4/ Fry the bacon in a pan and let it dry. Then cut in fine slices. Throw in.

5/ Clean the grapes and cut each piece in half. Throw in.

6/ Make little crumbs with the soft Goat Cheese.

7/ Grill some Pine Nuts in a large pan (no oil) and throw in.

8/ Finally throw the Mushrooms. Salt + Pepper and Olive oil.

9/ Dress the salad in a nice plate. Cute the Eggs in 4. Place Eggs and Avocados on top.

10/ EAT. WELL.


clems tips

Ambiance by Lucie

miniclemPick organic veggies whenever possible

miniclemAlways wash them. Even when it says “Pre washed”

miniclemAdd some grilled chicken or shrimps for a heavier meal. We totally meant to but forgot 😉

miniclemLucie mixed a spoon of Apple Cider Vivegar with the Olive Oil. It’s up to you.

miniclemMake sure you have a toothbrush close : Salad + Shallots and Garlic is a smelly combo ! But so yummy !

bon appetit

Xoxo, Clem


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