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Bonjour Little Chefs,


When travelling, the smell of Paellas always attracts me and I am always so close to give it a try. But then I don’t. I don’t because La Paella de Michel is the only one that makes me and my palate happy. Not only because it’s a family recipe enherited from my Grandma but also because it is Simply the Best



Ingredients – 4ppl :

Big Prawns – 8 / Sausages – 4 / Chicken tighs – 4 / Calamari – to your taste / Mussels – to your taste / Red and Green Peppers – 1 of each / Tomatoes 3 / Onions -2  / Salt / Pepper / Safran – to your taste / Round Rice – 3 cups / Olive oil – 1 cup /




1/ Throw the prawns in a very generous amount of olive oil (oui, oui…). Sparkle salt and peper . Once they change color and are lightly golden take them off. Save.

2/ Throw the meat in and cook until the chicken is golden on all sides. Take the meat off. Save.

3/ Throw the calamari in and quickly fry untill perfectly white. Throw the veggies in. Add the meat back in the mix.

4/ Add 2 big spoons of tomato concentrate. Salt, pepper and Safran. Throw 2L (0.5 gallon) of water on top and let it be for about 15mns. The mix should be slightly bubbly. If too much reduce heat.

5/ Throw the round rice in and mix well. Let it cook for about 15 more minutes and start tasting. If it’s all good add the mussels on top (pealably opened in a separate pan) as well as the prawns.

Congratz. Now wait about 10 more minutes so it sits well and blends together.


faveiconSeasoning at every step is one of the secrets to the Best Paella, i like to have my salt and pepper already mixed together in equal amount so it’s better distributed

faveiconMichel is a hunter and the sausage is home-made by my auntie. For the best taste, use quality ingredients. Always.

faveiconWe always cook Paella on a wood-fire. That’s by far the tastiest. Now most people can’t, so gaz is still a better option for a woodsy taste.

faveiconOnce cooked. Let sit wth some Newspaper or Cloth on top to contain all the aromes in. Don’t forget fresh lemon on the side !

faveiconIn our family, only auntie is allowed to taste. When she’s not in. Iam the chosen one. This is Tradition. No joke !






Xoxo, Clem



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