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Oui Oui, I know I usually talk more about Cheese and Butter (oui, they deserve Capital letters…) then healthy salads. But really my daily diet is made of whatever is in my fridge and it’s a lot of veggies !

I was craving food a few days ago. Any food. But there was no way I would order crappy Thai food again so I opened my freshly filled fridge and started to get creative. Here’s what happened ….





Ingredients – For 2 ppl

Red onions – 1 pc / Garlic – 2 cloves / Shaved brussel’s sprouts  – 3 cups / Massaged and chopped tuscan kale – 2 cups /Grilled almonds – 1 handfull / Raisins – 1 handfull / Fresh mozzarella – 1 piece / Mango – 1 pc in cubes / Cherry Tomatoes – 2 cups / Hazelnut Oil – 2 spoons /

Dressing : Apple vinegar – 1 spoon  / Juice of 1/4 a lime  / Tossed sesame oil – 1 spoon  /  Hazelnut oil – 2 spoons  / Honey – 1 spoon  / Black pepper / Garlic salt / Crushed red pepper / Dry basil / Dry Rosemary / Sesame seeds

Prep time : 5-10 mns


1/ Cut and Massage the Tuscan Kale for a minute so they get soft and nice. Throw in a bowl with the shaved brussel sprouts.

2/ Eat up some hazelnut oil and grill the red onion and garlic on high heat to give them a slightly burnt taste. I like smokey flavors. No more than 2mns. Season well.

3/ Add the mozzarella, mini tomatoes, mango cut in cubes, almonds and raisins.

4/ Add the dressing previously mixed in a cup. Sprinkle with Sesame seeds.

5/ Mix well. Enjoy.


miniclem Always massage hard leaf vegetables when eating them raw. nothing worst than a non massaged Kale Salad.

miniclemHave fun with the flavors. Taste the dressing as you go and add some more spices and oils !

miniclemApple Cider Vinegar is good for you and gives you the liquid texture you are looking for in a salad dressing so you don’t need so much oils.

miniclemEverything is switchable ! Go with what you have ! Kale can be switched for spinach, Brussel’s for cabbage, Mozza for Goat cheese or blue cheese, almonds for walnuts or hazelnut oil for olive … It’s all in the flavors and textures balance… have fun !



Xoxo, Clem


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