Clem Cooks : Fruits Packed Oats


Bonjour Health Freaks !


What lets me know that I don’t live in France anymore ? The fact that baguette tartines with butter and jam are long gone from my breakfast ritual …

My new ritual is a nice looking (HUH, go tell that to Frenchies, oats are for Horses only ;-0 ) and healthy energy packed oatmeal bowl !




Ingredients for 1 bowl :

Organic oats – 1 cup / Coconut Milk – 1 cup / Water – 1 cup / Shaved coconut – 1 handful / Raisins – 1 handful / Prunes – 4 pc / Dry cranberries – 1 handful / Banana – 1/2 pc / Cinamon / Oragnic honey / Brown sugar /


1/ In a rice cooker mix the coconut milk, water, oats and cranberries. Let this cook just like rice.

2/ Start creating. Add your banana pieces, raisins, prunes, cinnamon, honey and brown sugar on top. That’s it. Your ready to mix it all up and feed yur body with amazing tastes and goodness. Take a pic first 😉


miniclem If no rice-cooker, add the same ingredients into a pot and let boil very slightly. Continue to stir often.

miniclemHoney is always better locally sourced and organic. You can get it in most stores or at the local farmers market. It help you fight viruses in your area !

miniclemYou can just switch it up and have fun. My base is cranberries and cinnamon in the rice cooker and then I had whatever fresh and/or Dry fruits i have around. Also some nuts are great and change up the texture a bit !






Xoxo, Clem


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