Clem Cooks : Food In Jars, Salad and Iced Tea !


Bonjour Yummies,


Solo night in calls for a delicious home made picnic on my Brooklyn fire exit. And when I think easy summer food I think Salads and Iced Teas in a Jars. What’s easier to take everywhere with you ?


Salad in a Jar :


1/2 an avocado

5 mini tomatoes cut in half

1/3 of an IceBerg Lettuce

Fresh Goat Cheese and White Queso

2 finely sliced radishes


Add olive oil, white balsamic reduction, salt pepper and Italian spices.

Shake well. Eat well !


Iced Tea in a Jar :

Boil water. Find a (non plastic) large container (1Gallon)

Use 2 large tea bags. I chose 1 Jasmine and 1 black.

Fill up with hot water. Let the tea bags sit for 2-5mn

Add ice, as necessary. Leave in the fridge for 2-10hrs

Serve in a Jar, add sliced and squeezed lime as well as sliced and squeezed oranges. Agave.

For some twist in the Tea add White Rhum or Vodka. 😉


Bon Appetit !






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