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Bonjour Lovely,


I met Mona for the first time on the phone. She basically asked me to take my clothes off. For a good cause… of course ! I tried to fight it but she was so convinced that it was the right thing to do that her spontaneity and her honest beautiful soul sold me on it. And here I was taking my clothes off showing some hot Chantelle lingerie for the #WhatsUnderneathProject by StyleLikeU.

How happy I am she convinced me ! It was the best project I was ever part of. It was organic, beautiful, life changing not only for me but for women who saw it and got inspired by it. Mona is the one behind the magic, the smart and beautiful person behind the scenes… Meet Mona, casting director at StyleLikeU !


Meet Mona from StyleLikeU 


That potential for change makes me happy





BonjourClem : Who are you ?

Mona : I’m Mona. I deeply care for the well being of the world and the people who are around me. I’m a person who is determined to experience all of the joy, beauty, sadness, pain, horror, fun, irony and love that the world has to offer.  I’m the Casting Director at StyleLikeU.com

BC :What makes you proud ?

M: I don’t see success in relation to money; it’s about whether or not I’ve expressed myself throughout life and whether or not I’ve used my power to help others express themselves in some way.

BC : What’s the thing you Love the most about being You ?

M : Life isn’t easy but I like where my priorities and values are. I’m happy to not be blindly or solely driven by money or some other societal construct that’s outside of myself.

BC : Who’s your Woman inspiration ?Why ?

M : My mother. She’s a radical and intelligent lady. I wouldn’t be an ounce of the person I am today without her and her influence and inspiration. She taught me my own self worth and to question everything around me.

BC : What makes you happy ?

M : Friends and family. Music. Food. Kindness, doing and witnessing acts of kindness.  Also, bearing witness to humanity in general. I think sometimes in our culture we try to avoid understanding and seeing certain realities that exist in our world and I’m really joyful and excited about the possibilities and opportunities that exist when we recognize and talk about those things, no matter how dark and painful they are… recognizing them and looking at them present an opportunity for change. That potential for change makes me happy.


Happy Inspired Wednesday !


Xoxo, Clem


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