WCW: Meet Mayra-Louise from The Publisized


Mayra-Louise is that sexy Dutch creature with Lioness hair and uber-cool style. When you see her you must think she is and always was the most confident person ever, how can she not?! Though I haven’t met her yet I love her and her feel good / look good, newly launched blog The Publisized !

Follow her and her inspirations as she lives a cool girl life in her home country. Non-apologetic and funky as Hell, she’s the real raw and sexy bestie you need in your life ! Meet Mayra-Louise !


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Meet Mayra-Louise from The Publisized !

I like my own weirdness, I make myself laugh




BonjourClem: Who are ?

I’m Mayra Louise de Wilde, 33 and living in Amsterdam. I write and smile for a living. I’ve been a (plus size) model for 14 years now and the last 7,5 years I’ve been working as a freelance journalist for women’s magazines. A couple of months ago I also started my own blog, The Publisized. But what I do is not everything that I am. Some keywords to describe me: loving, vulnerable, curious, (over)thinker, clumsy, chaotic. I ask a lot of questions, I can drive people (read: men) crazy with this. But I’m a good listener too. I described myself as vulnerable because I’m very in touch with my emotions and I’m not afraid to share, this sometimes brings lots of joy but it can also bring pain when someone isn’t being as real with you. But it’s a big part of me. And I’m at ease with it.

BC: What makes you proud ?

I make myself proud with the steps I take. We’re all a work in progress but I’m doing good. I’m doing things. Like starting my blog, I was thinking about it for years and it makes me proud that I finally did it. I’m also proud that I manage to work as a freelancer and pay my bills. It’s not always easy but I still make it happen. I’m also proud of the fact that I’m never afraid to learn things and that I’ll always believe in love. I’ve been single for a couple of years now, after my last relationship I was a big mess. I also lost my father a couple of months before the relationship ended. Looking back I grew so much. That makes me a very proud woman.




BC: What’s the thing you love the most about being You ?

I like my own weirdness, I make myself laugh. And I try to be a good person and support the people I love to the fullest. I’m getting better every day in supporting myself in the same way. Loving and learning every day.

BC:  Who’s your Woman inspiration ? Why ?

I’m lucky to have a lot of great women around me who inspire me every day. I feel that this is also a big key to happiness: the people around you. Do they lift you up or do they drag you down? If it’s the second thing it’s time for a change. I can be inspired by anything. A poem or quote on Instagram. An good conversation with a friend. My mom who is always following her heart. A compliment or a smile from a stranger on the street. It can be anything.

BC: What makes you happy ?

Big mugs of tea. Laughing until I cry. Wandering around Amsterdam. Sunrises and sunsets. Good food. Fried chicken. Chocolate. My family and friends. Giving love. Feeling loved. Hugs. And really good kisses.

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Check out her Blog www.thepublisized.com and meet her on Instagram @the_publisized 


Xoxo, Clem







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