WCW : Meet Cyndi Ramirez, BossBabe in Chief!


Meet your Guru, the Princess of cool and the #BossBabe in chief, Miss Cyndi Ramirez of tastethestyle.com !

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MyCheri  introduced me to Cyndi about a year or so ago and she was already an example of style and dedication. As I was starting my own blog, I knew she would be someone to look up to. Cyndi is the cool chick ruling the West Village and The One you should follow everywhere her cool life takes her ! With a very successful lifestyle blog as well as a newly launched skincare line (DAILE), she’s taking over NYC and making rules as the First Lady of the coolest bar in town The Garret, owned and operated by her just-as-cool Beau !


Meet Cyndi, #BossBabe in chief !

 encouraging peers to pursue their dreams rather than chasing money


BonjourClem: Who are you

Cyndi Ramirez: I’m Cyndi, founder of tastethestyle.com— a NYC-based online destination for the fashion & food obsessed– and DAILE, a youth-retaining moisturizer for everyday use. I’m all about that fashion, food, and beauty life.

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BC: What makes you proud ?

CR: Working with talented people, reaching new milestones, and encouraging peers to pursue their dreams rather than chasing money. Something I’ve personally done and I’m quite proud of.

BC: What’s the thing you Love the most about being You ?

CR: My boyfriend would probably disagree at times, but I love that I constantly need to be stimulated. It keeps the creative juices flowing, and it also keeps me busy– I don’t believe in being bored. I’m also a huge connector; I love seeing two people I admire connecting and working with one another.

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BC: Who’s your Woman inspiration ?Why ?

CR: It’s an endless list. The Boss Babes we feature on TTS is a good place to start. Anyone who has made bold decisions whether it’s based on career or lifestyle, is someone I look up to. I always end up praising Sophia Amoruso. She takes no shit and has built an empire in just a few short years. She is my idea of the American dream.

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BC: What makes you happy ?

CR: I’m pretty happy right now– just constantly moving and shaking with exciting projects on the horizon. And when times get a bit stressful, my dog puts a huge smile on my face without fail.


miniclemFollow Cyndi, TTS and DAILE right now and don’t miss an opportunity to be inspired!


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Xoxo, Clem






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