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Beautiful People,


I haven’t have a chance to meet Christina yet but she always had my attention. A couple of years ago as a beautiful model of diversity and more and more as I followed her turning into the inspiring Woman she is today. Christina just graduated from Religious Studies and is now a public speaker, model as well as the founder of girls empowerment movements and is also about to publish her first book on body image…


Meet Christina, the Messenger


I am passionate about changing the world around me…




BonjourClem: Who are you?

Christina: I am a plus size model, author, speaker and founder of www.beautyhasnosize.com. I love to laugh, make people smile, and am passionate about changing the world around me.

BC: What makes you proud? –

C: What makes me proud is loving the body I was created in. I struggled with eating disorders for most of my life, and I didn’t like my body. But over the last few years I have learned to love my shape, size, and body. I hope to inspire others to also love their bodies, and love who they were born to be.

BC: What’s the thing you love most about being you?

C: What I love the most about being me is the fact that I am living out my dreams. I always dreamed of inspiring and empowering young women and now I get to do that.

BC: What’s your woman inspiration ? And why?

C: My woman inspiration is Mother Theresa, because she gave her life to help others and she is my biggest role model.

BC: What makes you happy?

C: What makes me happy is being around the people I love, helping others, and reaching those who need hope in their lives.


Check her actu !





Happy Inspired Wednesday ! 

Xoxo, Clem


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