Clem Meets : THE Beauty Pro, MOON!


AHHHHHHH ! La Beaute …


Between Mum, Besty, and other co-workers… everyone wants to tell you how to be a better person. Better body, better make-up, better hair! If we really have to listen to anyone, at least lets roll with a PRO! And don’t worry, even the PROs have their flaws!

I asked my favourite Paris-based make-up artist her tips and tricks. Take notes!


I do have a short story with diets since I put on weight easily, espcially after having my 2 wonderfull babies!

I have never been a diet girl, first of all because I am not serious enough to stick to something too strict. I do have a good solution though, which I find very healthy, and it still allows you to eat whatever you like. It is Chrononutrition. This has helped me a lot in finding a better balance with my active life, schedule disaster, and what I was eating.

I was not looking for a huge loss, just droping those extra kilos I was not confortable with.



Really??? I used to love exercising. Can I say I do not have time? No, this is not a good excuse even with two kids and a prime minister schedule hahaha! I wish I was brave enough to get back to sports because I really enjoyed it. I used to dance a lot, play squash, and swim too! Alone or with friends, as it goes, either way!

Now, my exercice is included in my daily Parisian routine: walk (a lot and carrying my makeup kit along aha) and even run after buses or trains. My plan is to get back to dance this year though!



I am a skincare freak! It is an important part of my beauty routine and an essential part of my work of course! There is absolutely no chance I will skip my morning and evening routine: cleansing and moisturizing are key. Not to mention I have reactive skin; that makes it even more important to know what works for me and how to take care of my skin. I don’t use a lot of products, but they are essential.

I use a good cleanser from Dermalogica (Skin Resurfacing cleanser) or the mild one from Clinique. I use my Clarisonic once per week with the sensitive skin brush, no more! Then I follow with a good serum from Caudalie (Vinosource) and moisturize with… a mask! I use Hydra Masque from Embryolisse. With summer comes a lighter application, and I switch to Bioderma Hydrabio for very senstivie skin. In case of emergency, pimple on the way for exemple, I rush to my Overnight Clearing Gel from Dermalogica. And I always carry my Unpetroleum Jelly from Alba; it does wonders during winter and long flights that totally dehydrate my skin!

Also, do I need to say that drinking LOTS of water is rule number one?



My hair is very thin and coloured. I have to make sure I do not add stress over blow drying and hair tools.

I take care of my hair and will often use masks to recover. I love my Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tome conditioner!

A good trick for dehydrated hair is to add a drop of oil before shampoo. It helps add shine as well. I like the one from Furterer, but I would use Argan oil too.



I dont always eat the best regarding what job I work for or the time I have… But I do have a good knowledge of what good nutrition is! So everytime I know I have been on a ‘not so good nutrition day,’ I try to balance and eat vegetables and fruits! I also take Omega 3 supplements for general maintenance. I make sure I moisturize my skin after showers. I believe our body needs the benefits of sun, Vitamin D is important. I love walking in the sun, but never without good sunscreen on! Other treat: hammam! I rush to the Hammam everytime I get a chance. I like to test out new places in Paris, so far I like the Mosquée de Paris Hammam during working days, not crowded, this is one of the pros of being a freelancer…



You know I love to rock red lips! I am aways on the hunt for bold reds… any red is a friend! My go-to’s are Ruby Woo from Mac, Rouge Artist Natural n°47 from Make up for ever and of course their Rouge Artist Intense ‘Moulin Rouge’ or n°42.

Here is my trick for perfect long lasting red lips: make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized. I always use my Lip Line Perfector as a smudge guard, this is an extra security for a long lasting bold lip. Then I use a lip liner as a base (try Aqua Lip liners from Make up for ever). I completely fill in my lips. This makes a wonderful matte base for matte addicts! Make sure you blot your lips, or even better, powder slighty before a second go! To me, lipstick is the final touch for perfect red lips…

I’m really excited about the Spring trends! Loving the cat eyes come back and bold flicks… I would also go for blue shadows, layered on a smokey base, very glamorous and original!



I am very busy with several campains in many places of France, for clients such as Quicksilver and Century 21; TV shows coming up in May; June and July for major national channels.

April takes me to New York for fashion photoshoots and Los Angeles for business meetings… My two passions in one, this is a dream come true and I am very thankful for that….

Remake Agency is keeping me very busy as Laetitia and I are developing a few projects for private clients… We cannot wait and are very excited to share soon!!

Please My Moon come back soon and tell us more!

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