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My name is Codie Steensma, alias an enigma, a quixotic romantic struggling with misanthropy. I was born in northern Michigan about 22 years ago.

My parents are a beautiful blonde butterfly keeper and a grumpy mustache-wearing entrepreneur. My family is pretty freakin’ at odds with each other and sometimes I wish they were writers like me ! Literature is so major in my life. I live somewhere between a breezy terrace of wonder and charisma and a very cynical brow. Sometimes I really feel the scorpio in myself.

I would describe myself as being obstinate to normality to such an extent that it makes me feel in need of more balance sometimes. My friends say I am more of a brilliant, loving, and complicated mess whereas my family thinks I am such a secretive, independent, and tempestuous snob ! I have secrets…But one I can share with you is that I often have picnics in my bed very late at night, mostly because I sleep very little…Shhhhhh … !

I love bicycling to the beach to skinny dip at night in the summer, as well as dancing on porches, rooftops, or empty streets to songs all night with close friends, the full moon and a cigarette or two. I must admit I absolutely have an odd crush on Edward Redmayne ! When I was a kid I dreamed about classical piano hands, being in love in a castle by the sea and often I thought I was exceptionally attune to the human condition and like many, that I could change the world… But now I am an adult and I can say my goal in Life is still too visionary and idealistic, so mostly in the works, and a secret I won’t share yet. 

I started as an ambitious and involved student. Now, I have a bunch of different ways into mediating this crazy world including photography, watching films, my favorites are in the genre of film noir or the French New Wave and taking my career as a writer as seriously as a poet can. My favorite one is spending lengthly amounts of time in conversation with friends after class or work… over a bottle of wine… even though it’s definitely not the most productive! I do what I love and I love what I do. Sometimes I feel complacent and disillusioned about it. It’s not always fruitfully stable to be me. I recently traveled from Boston to New York because I simply wasn’t finished chasing passion and it was fucking surreal ! I felt so ready and honest.

I consider myself as a  writer first and foremost, who wants to be involved in editorial work, poetry, journalism, and anything I can get my hands on. My career started with wanting to do aid work and eventually be a part of the UN in an African country. I was optimistic at that time. My ambition was to help others and fight ignorance as much as I could and I feel like I haven’t completely let go of it. This taught me to find a directive path towards a similar goal, but in ways that are true to me as well as not to get lost in expectations. If I hadn’t chose this years ago I would have probably been less cynical, though I see this as my ally and eventually I would have found myself unhappy. I have no qualms, only altered goals for myself.

My life so far was lacking in voice and I am ready to share with others my stories and findings, and I want to be involved in their response. New York is such a vivacious city. It speaks often to me, and I’d like to start speaking back . My favorite and most memorable time in New York was when I realized a few years ago, after a wild night full of both beauty and ugliness, that this is where I need to be. I will never forget that !

I met @BonjourClem over coffee on a much needed sunny day. I instantly thought she was someone I could chat with for hours and always be inspired. Then, later on I thought her eagerness to discover what interests people felt like some kind of lost home. I chose to be a contributor for for I want to be a part of something new, fresh, and creative. I really wanted to start my own website even tho I am sure it would not be nearly as good. I am super anxious and excited about becoming part of such a talented team ! I can’t wait to start new projects and be a greater part of this city with you guys  !

This interview is really crazy- almost as probing and rampant as me and I totally decided to have fun with it!


“I apologize to everything that I cannot be everywhere.

I apologize to everyone that I cannot be every man and woman.

I know that as long as I live nothing can justify me,

because I myself am an obstacle to myself. 

Take it not amiss, O speech, that I borrow weighty words,

and later try hard to make them seem light.”

– Wislawa Szymborska

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