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Who’s Clem ? 

Clementine Desseaux was born and raised in France. As a child, she was lucky enough to travel regularly to visit family members spread all over the country. When Clem grew older, she traveled more frequently and further away from home. It was during her world travels that she realized how inspired she was by her own life and everything she was able to experience, and decided to express this through photography, styling, writing and cooking.

Heavily influenced by her French mother, fashion came to Clem very naturally. Although she acted like a tomboy at times, that did not stop Young Clem from constantly playing with her mom’s Hermes scarves, Chanel blazers, and Cartier watches. Clem always knew the meaning of style as if it were embedded into her very roots, and enjoyed developing her own personal style based on the classics she had learned growing up.

Besides fashion, another great love Clem grew up with was food. She was introduced to the art of food at a very young age by her grandma in the south of France. To this day, she has kept the passion that her grandma passed on to her and loves cooking as a means to sharing happiness with the people she loves.

After going to school in France and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing, Clem decided that the idea of starting an adventurous life in the USA was much more appealing to her than becoming a Marketing mogul in some Paris office. She said goodbye to her home and left for sunny Miami to live her version of the American Dream. Soon after moving, Clem signed her first modeling contract and later moved to New York where she now lives and works for various international clients, and continues to pursue the adventurous life she’s always wanted.


Questions to Clem… 

What is BonjourClem.com ?

I’m not sure how to define BonjourClem.com right now, or whether I even want it to be defined just yet. For now, BonjourClem.com is a view of the world through my eyes and will cover a wide range of stories about people and things that inspire me that I want to share with you. As a model, I frequently have to speak for and represent other brands; BonjourClem.com, however, is a personal project where I’m not representing anyone other than myself – a wild child fresh from France and filled with excitement about everything that surrounds me.

Why is it different to any of the other blogs that exist in this HUGE web?

BonjourClem.com was custom built to be diverse medium to share what I feel should be easily accessible to all. It is a collection of inspirations expressed in many different forms that I hope will touch readers and encourage them be inspired by their own lives and what surrounds them, and share it with the rest of us.

BonjourClem.com is a free platform for expression – not just from me to you, but also from you to me, or you to others. The people, products and companies that are featured on BonjourClem.com are chosen because they are INSPIRING, UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL and sometimes just because I say so! If you have something you’d like to express to all the readers on BonjourClem.com, please feel free to let me know.

@BonjourClem is already on every network, why the need for a whole website?

I realize that @BonjourClem is already very present on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Instagram and Polyvore. However, BonjourClem.com was born from my desire for entrepreneurship. When posting on other platforms, I always felt like I was renting a space. As someone who studied Marketing and Management for years, I wanted more control over how my voice was being communicated. Now that I have BonjourClem.com, I have more control over my content, who sees it, when, etc. There’s more freedom for both myself and readers. So please, feel free to comment and share your honest thoughts on each of my posts. Your interaction and dialogue will only make the content better and richer!

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